CINET program at Texcare Asia

The seventh edition of Texcare Asia - International Trade Fair for Modern Textile Care - will be held in Shanghai on 19 – 21 November 2013 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. In 2011, this major Textile Care event attracted thousands of visitors and exhibitions by over 130 companies and organisations from more than 14 different countries. Expectations are that the 2013 event will surpass these figures.

CINET at Texcare Asia

CINET will participate prominently in Texcare Asia with “Business Development & Sustainable Innovation in PTC”, starting on the afternoon of the 19th of November with the “International Asia Conference PTC”. This afternoon is devoted entirely to the latest international developments in the field of business processes and sustainable innovation. On the 20th, a workshop 'Education & Training in PTC" will take place. Below, please find the full program.



organised by CINET and Messe Frankfurt Shanghai as part of Texcare Asia 2013


19th of November      “International -Asia Conference PTC”


12.30   Official Press Meeting introducing the First Books of ‘The World of PTC; Market Characteristics & Trends’ and ‘Safe & Sustainable Processing’


13.30   Welcome and opening Conference


13.35   Welcome and introduction Programme by P.N.M. Wennekes CEO of CINET

·      Headlines

·      Moderation

·      Questions for the panel

·      E-stick


13.40   “The World of PTC; Business Cases, Best Practices & Sustainable Innovation”

            by P.N.M. Wennekes CEO of CINET

·      Market demand and business profiles

·      Need to implement Best Practices

·      Impact of a Global PTC market

·      Innovation & Investment


14.05   “Innovation & Market Development in China” by mr. Pan Wei,

Secretary General of the China Laundry Association (CLA)

·      Current direction and  pace of innovation (per market segment)

·      Needs & necessities (technologies, sustainability, management) to meet customer demands

·      International & Supply chain Cooperation to improve and accelerate innovation

·      Business cases of the future

 14.35   “Business cases & sustainable processing in US Drycleaners”

            by mrs Mary Scalco, DLI

·      Market characteristics US Dry-cleaning

·      New Business cases

·      Need for Sustainable Processing

·      Improving cost & revenues

15.00   “Business cases & Customer orientation in Textile Service companies”

by mr. G. Böttger, CINET

·      Chancing market demand for textile rental services

·      Key-strategies to meet competition and market demand

·      Direction & need for innovation

·      Future Industry profile


15.30   “Integrated Processing to meet Chinese market demand”

            by mr E. Straub and mr. W. Bin, VDMA

·      Mass customization

·      Market needs of each market segment

·      Processing improvements

·      Potential in cost savings


16.00   “ Sustainable Investment in Chinese  PTC companies”

            by mr. John Hacker, Kannegiesser

·      Chinese challenges

·      Switch Asia program

·      Energy Management


16.30   Panel discussion; (New) Business Cases & innovation in China 2013

·      Participation of speakers / suppliers

·      Questions from the audience

·      Statements


17.00   End of session; hand out on E-stick, questionnaire


20th of November 2013; “Education & training in PTC”



A full day education and training program presented by Asian and international experts to demonstrate business opportunities, implement tools for operational excellence, save budget and manpower, as well as advice on risk management.


The program focusses on small to medium sized companies (dry cleaners and laundries) and will assist them to implement new measures and initiatives to increase their revenue.


Participation in the full day will result in an official CINET International PTC Certificate.


Dry Cleaning


09.00   Welcome by P.N.M. Wennekes, CEO of CINET 

            Introduction, hand-out, moderation, questions after each lecture, etc.


09.10   “Current Business Practice and Future PTC”

            by mr. G. Böttger, CINET

·           Changing market demand in PTC (service)

·           Current and future business concepts 

·           Key-success factors

·           New available technologies


09.35   “The Fashion Care Initiative in Japan”

            by mr M. Shimenoki

·           Need for adopting Best Practices

·           Market demand for High Quality


10.00   “Best Practices in Safe & Sustainable Professional Cleaning

            Processes” by P.N.M. Wennekes, CEO of CINET

·           How to adopt Best Practices

·           Legal requirements

·           Scientific requirements

·           ‘Green’ processing


10.25   “Benchmarking of solvents & wet cleaning”

            by mr. T. Lucassen, TKT

·           Benchmark study 2013, including all major PTC cleaning processes

·           Explaining results

·           Conclusions and implementations


10.50   “Machine technology, solvents and working methodology”

            by mr. D. Suttheimer, Büfa

·         Machine technology

·         Working methods

·         Sustainable requirements

·         Process optimisations


11.15   “International standards & care labelling for dry cleaning”

            by mr. T. Lucassen, TKT


11.35   Q & A Session

·           Practical questions and answers for implementation in your own company


12.05   Lunch


Industrial Laundry & Textile Service


13.00   “Best practice in Sustainable Laundering detergent systems”

            by mr. Mainolfi, Innovation and Technology Department CINET

·         The need for sustainability

·         Technologies applied

·         Practical organisation

·         Step-by-step introduction


13.25   “Innovations in machine technology, ICT and logistics”

            by mr Thomas Yin, Jenssen

·           Latest developments

·           Optimisation of processes

·           Optimisation of services


13.50   “Switch Asia; a practical approach to improve sustainable processing”

            by Erik ter Avest of the Switch Asia consortium

·           The principle of the Va3 concept

·           Economics vs ecology

·           Governmental involvement

·           Project results so far

·            Future perspectives


14.15   “Sustainable Laundry Solutions”

            By mr Bennie Douma, Global Application Expert of Diversey’s Application Team

·         Sustainable laundry solutions

·         Tunnel washers

·         Washer extractors


14.40   “An overview of relevant international standards”

            by mr I. Zheng, Shanghai Sailstar

·           Relevance of (inter-)national standards

·           Overview of available standards

·           International standardization

·           Standardization bodies


15.05    “Luxury Hotel Linen Purchasing Guideline& Professional Hotel Laundry-Worldwide Recognized Service and Products”

            by ms Rachel Huang Hai Bin, managing director Hohenstein Institute China

·           How to choose the right hotel linen and uniforms

·           What is high efficiency hotel laundry

·           Quality certification of washing will become the important assets of the hotel

·           Professional Standard RAL GZ 992

·           Certification procedures and implementation of the standard


15.30   “Availability of technical knowledge & Literature”

            by mr. L. Wennekes, Marketing Research Manager, CINET

·           Documentation

·           E-learning

·           Practical training


15.55   Questions, discussion on implementation of the presented information in own

            shops/laundries, questionnaires


16.20   Presentation of personal certificates, hand-out


16.45   End of session