Conjugated polymer-based conductive fibers for smart textile applications

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of the Chalmers University of Technology and the School of Engineering of the University of Boras have published a new report about conjugated polymer-based conductive fibers for smart textile applications.

Electrically conductive or electro-active fibers are the key components of smart and interactive textiles, which could be used in medical, sports, energy, and military applications in the near future, says the report. In this thesis, conjugated polymer-based conductive fibers are produced by coating commercially available high performance textile yarns/fibers (viscose and polyester) with highly conductive conjugated polymer PEDOT. For direct deposition of PEDOT on textile yarns, an effective technique, called chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is used. The electro-mechanical properties of PEDOT-coated conductive fibers strongly depend on reaction parameters, which are studied in this thesis work. Furthermore, the produced conductive fibers are evaluated also in terms of possible application. Here, a knitted stretch sensor made out of the obtained fibers is demonstrated. Due to the reasonable electro-mechanical properties, the produced conductive fibers have the potential to be used in smart and interactive textile applications. Read more

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