Kannegiesser for the Russian Olympics

The 100 tons of laundry processed every day for athletes and hotel guests during the 22nd Winter Olympics, held from 7 until 23 February 2014 in Sochi, Russia, are handled by Kannegiesser machines and cleaned with BurnusHychem detergents in the new Cotton Way laundry facility.

Technicians have been on site for months making sure everything goes smoothly, reported Mareike Aden for Germany’s international broadcasting company DW. “The Olympics are an enormous prestige project for any manufacturer” said Frank Schröder, Kannegiesser Service Technician, standing in the new laundry facility, which is conveniently located next to the stadia and the Olympic village. Kannegiesser also provided the machines for the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow and is moreover employed by the Russian laundry operator for its contract with Russian Railways. “Every function of these washing machines has been thought through to the last detail. That guarantees us that everything works and that we fulfill the high demands of our customers “said Ekaterina Baranova, Cotton Way Deputy General Manager. “I call these machines from Germany “smart machines”.” The used detergents are also from Germany, formulas mixed on site by Burnus Hychem. The Russian market is financially rewarding for the firm, but they also demand flexibility for local operations. Roland Snyders from Burnus Hychem says that personnel has been trained to prepare them for Olympic games. 300 personnel is washing and ironing around the clock during the event, with German technicians on hand, to make sure everybody wins, laundry wise. Read more