Tide attracts positive attention with laundry detergent commercials aimed at men

A couple of months ago, Tide, the Procter and Gamble laundry detergent that has recently also opened a chain of dry cleaners, started to pitch its laundry detergent to men. For the first time in its 66 years of history, men were placed central in some Tide commercials, which featured men doing the laundry.

A bold move, which has turned out positively well for the brand, which has attracted many affirmative reactions, for example by Stuart Fischoff, Ph.D., who wrote the article “How a laundry detergent commercial saves the world; Daddy, dirty laundry, and the princess syndrome” for Psychology Today. ‘We’re trying to reflect [the] new household as much as possible,’ said Chris Lillich, a marketing director for Procter & Gamble, to the Wall Street Journal, a couple of months ago. Tide amongst other uses New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and TV host Nick Lachey as their spokesmen, because ‘[a] guy is going to look at those two as credible sources of information’. Tide continuously attracts worldwide attention through its expansion, its public relations and its relief programs. Read the article by Stuart Fischoff for Psychology Today here.