Us’Mommy takes convenience to the next level in the U.S.

‘When your mommy won’t clean for you anymore, Us’Mommy will!’ states dry cleaning and laundry company Us’Mommy on their website. Us’Mommy is an initiative that takes consumers’ convenience to the next level, combining laundry services and dry cleaning services with regular cleaning services. All in their concept is aimed at providing their customer with a maximum level of comfort. Dry cleaning and laundry services, including cleaning services where desired, can be arranged for every week, every month, or just once in a while, with services available 24/7. The company makes home deliveries and bring customers their shirts, pants, suits and linen within 24 hours with their mobile dry cleaning service.

Also special services are no problem: think for example of cleaning household items, alterations or tailoring, or leather cleaning. The company moreover balances comfort with conscience. Us’Mommy uses conscientious cleaning methods wherever possible: green and organic being the key words. The methods include wet cleaning and CO2 organic dry cleaning. The company also offers their services to workplaces and office buildings, promoting the benefits for employers as well as employees. There are no delivery fees or minimum requirements. Us’Mommy serves customers in Philadelphia, Southeastern Pa., South Jersey, and Northern Delaware in the U.S. For more information, visit their website.