Whirlpool envisions home of the future on CES in Las Vegas

As a response to ‘smart’ appliances that aren’t really so useful in practice, Whirlpool has introduced a range of innovative appliances based on simplicity. At the International CES 2014, a gathering place for new consumer technologies, the company envisioned the home of the future, based amongst others on appliance communication.

Whirlpool showed not only how appliances are able to talk to each other (the stove is telling the dishwasher what to prepare for) but also how the consumer is able to communicate with them, whether inside the house or from a distance (telling your oven you’ll be eating pizza while you’re driving home from work, so that it can pre-heat accordingly). Washing machines are anticipating stains as soon as you spill something on your shirt, and set the washing program accordingly. “Connected appliances help consumers simplify their life,” said Whirlpool Brand Manager Eric DeJong. “The idea here is that all these appliances are connected through WiFi network,” said Jon Hall, Whirlpool’s Senior Brand Manager. “These appliances are all connected, they’re talking, they’re smart, they’re anticipating the consumer’s needs so that at the end of the day it becomes less of a chore and it becomes more of a pleasure for our consumers.” Communication is not the only novelty: Whirlpool is also customizing their washing machines as to let customer “express their individuality” through the different patterns. Read more