Volume I of World of PTC goes to press next week: last call for advertisers

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Please, be aware that this offer has its deadline at 18 September for the first volume.

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The first volume of “The World of PTC” is on Safe & Sustainable processing and will be presented at the JET show in Paris, October 12 next. Please, click here for a table of contents.

The second volume of “The World of PTC” concerns Market Characteristics & Trends and will be presented at the Texcare Asia show in Shanghai, November 20-22 this year. Please, click here for a table of contents.

Special Advertising Offer

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LAST CALL, deadline 18 September!

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CINET aims to provide a better understanding about different markets, to profile the PTC industry and provide information for new innovations and cooperation in research.

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Should you have any questions please contact the CINET secretariat or simply email us at cinet@cinet-online.net