PurThread Technologies creates microbe-resistant textiles for hospitals

PurThread Technologies in Durham, North Carolina, uses silver salts as part of its anti-microbial protection in the creation of textiles that prevent hospital acquired infections. Instead of treating the clothing and fabric after they are produced, the company is creating micro-resistant textiles by adding a protective coating at the beginning of the process with the thread.

The advantage of this method, according to CEO Lisa Grimes, is that it extends the anti-microbial benefit through the life of the fabric. The idea is to use these textiles, namely scrubs, privacy curtains, blankets and sheets, to reduce hospital acquired infections, which add up to $34 billion in healthcare costs. Aside from this innovation, the company is also developing a line of privacy curtains for patients rooms that are a little more aesthetically pleasing to put patients at ease, while maintaining a sterile environment. Read more