Coal-filter hangers to aerate clothes and eliminate odour

‘We wash our clothes much more than needed and it harms both the clothes and the planet,’ says Lisa Marie Bengtsson, British designer and recent Kingston graduate. She created “Bye Bye Laundry”, a clothes hanger that uses a coal-filter to help aerate the clothes and eliminate odour without using any water.

Each hanger includes a small container filled with activate charcoal. Activate charcoal is a carbon that has been treated with oxygen, which results in a highly porous material that absorbs the odour. It goes through a process that makes it very porous and thus able to absorb odours and chemicals. After hanging on the Bye Bye Laundry for a day or two, the garment should be fresh again and ready to wear. You can refill the charcoal and swap out the filter to keep the hanger working. The essential design details of the object include an easy way to re-fill the charcoal and a filter that lets charcoal breath through the glass. The ring that holds the clothes is flocked to create a luxury and functional surface. It will suit different situations as door handles, wardrobes, chairs, hooks and windows. Read more here.