Robot’s wash clothes at high tech Laundromat in Sun Valley

A new state-of-the-art Laundromat in Sun Valley has all the high-tech cleaning machines imaginable, reports Magic Valley. The company uses robots, or what resembles robots, to press and fold linen, slacks and dress shirts, according to the article.

The Laundromat has 21,500 square feet of the latest washers and dry-cleaning machines. Sun Valley’s former laundry burned in February 2012, one of Sun Valley’s busiest times of year. The resort made it through the first couple of days by using coin-operated Laundromats downtown before contracting with AmeriPride of Twin Falls for the 13 months it took to design and build the new facility. Sun Valley launders 7,000 pounds a day during peak periods, said Laundry Manager Mike Knudson. Executive Housekeeper Michael Crotty praised AmeriPride for treating the resort fairly cost-wise. ‘They don’t work Saturdays and Sundays, and they did to help us out,’ he said. With the new equipment, eight laundry workers and three delivery people will process in one shift what used to take twice as many people in two shifts. They’ll be able to wash three times the laundry the resort currently requires, so they can offer laundry and dry-cleaning services to hotel guests and the public. The computerized equipment, much of which was not available even a couple of years ago, also relieves employees of much of the back-breaking work they used to do. Now conveyor belts take laundry from the tumbler wash to the dryer to an ironing machine and finally to a folding machine. Neither Crotty nor Jack Sibbach, Sun Valley’s marketing director, professed to know the cost of the facility and the equipment it contains. Suffice it to say, they agreed, it’s in the millions. While the building is not LEED-certified for energy savings, it does maximize natural light to minimize the need for artificial lighting. The large-capacity tunnel washer recycles water through five cycles, saving 75 percent of water compared with that used by standard commercial systems. The recycling system also cuts the need for chemicals from 10 ounces to 2 ounces per load. ‘We tried to think of everything - right down to the snowmelt on the walkway outside, for safety’s sake,’ said Crotty. ‘At my house, we call it my gift from the Holdings (family),’ he added, referring to the owners of Sun Valley’s resort. Read more