Spray-on coating repels water, mud and oils from clothes

A new $20 NeverWet Home Depot product, according to an article in the Daily Mail, can spray a white T-shirt immersed in red wine and leave it clean and dry. The product, a superhydrophobic spray, actively repels liquids to protect every textile or even sneakers from ever getting stained again.

'This is a game changer,' said Jim Stinner, vice president of marketing for Rust-Oleum, the company distributing NewWet. 'Everyone is going to want to try it out.' The product was designed by Ross Technology, which was faced with the challenge of fixing rusting pipes under the sea, and set to work to find a substance that would coat the metal to prevent rusting. In the course of their experimentation, they found the resulting substance - a silicone-based spray - could have infinite uses in the worlds of fashion, technology and engineering. NeverWet is, according to the article, the first such consumer product to enter the market. Impervious to any liquid substance, including oils, mud and condiments, it actively deflects moisture leaving no trace on its surface. A fabric with such repellant qualities could prove useful to firms producing ski equipment, sailing and fishing gear or wet weather clothing, as well as being used as a protector for upholstery, tablecloths or napkins in restaurants. Read more